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Resident Evil Director’s Cut: 18 years later…

If you’re like me and you’ve had your nose stuck in a new/old Stephen King book (i’m currently reading The Shining BTW) and/or working on the next big writing project — editing and formatting till blood starts to drip out your ears and you’re wondering how much more hair you can pull out before you start resembling Jean-Luc Picard, than you’re probably just now finding out about the new upcoming remastered edition of Resident Evil. That’s right folks, you heard it here (but most certainly not first) our beloved and most cherished PS1 1997 introduction to survivor horror is being polished up for the next gen consoles, including: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The release date is slotted for tomorrow Jan 20th 2015. And the price is set at $20.00 according to BloodyDisgusting(dot)com.

It is somewhat frightening to think that its been 18 years since the original released on PS1. The same year Resident Evil released, I got my first job working at Subway back when they used to cut the bread in a V instead of how normal people cut bread, through the middle. It was a crappy job to be sure, and I went home reeking of baked bread every day. But it was all worth it! With my very first paycheck, I went out and bought a PS1. And guess what game I got to go with it? Yup. Resident Evil Director’s Cut!!! It was an amazing game — still is, which is why I’m assuming the powers that be have decided to remaster it. Resident Evil was my introductory course in survival horror. Till this day, I cannot exactly say what got me into horror, it was either the Night of the Living Dead remake or Resident Evil. Regardless, my heart was set on the dark and macabre. One of the best moments (and there are plenty) from the game was in the long narrow hallway at the beginning. One moment your just walking around, minding your own business, and the next mutated dobermans are coming through the windows! Great jump scares to be sure. And during the late 90’s, I gobbled up everything and anything zombie — though admittedly, I was a Romero purist at the time (still somewhat am) and did not care for the dark comedy rants of Return of the Living Dead. In my growing age, I’ve come to adore the significance of Return of the Living Dead…at least for the first one. The others are still garbage, if you ask me.

According to BloodyDisgusting, the game will retain all it original glory. The biggest difference will be a more fluid control scheme (whilst maintaining the original controls as a second option for purists) and the graphics. They’ve also ditched the awesome live action scenes and replaced them with animation. The graphics are obviously redone. And the soundtrack has been refurbished as well, impressively so, according to the reviewer over at BloodyDisgusting. The story hasn’t changed, which is good because the story was amazing to begin with. And if the price is as Bloody reported ($20) by the weekend I’ll be taking a nostalgic journey back into the coagulated world of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and the S.T.A.R.S. unit as they investigate not only the missing Alpha team, but the reported missing persons surrounding Spencer Mansion.