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Interviewing Thomas S. Flowers, Author of REINHEIT

Author and fellow Horror Hooligan Duncan Ralston puts the screws to me on this recent interview!! Check it out!

Duncan Ralston, Author of Dark Fiction

For a change of pace, I sat down with Thomas S. Flowers, author of the excellent horror novel Reinheit (Forsaken, 2015), to talk shop. Okay, technically I didn’t sit down with him, as he lives in Texas and I’m in Canada, but I had to sit down at my computer to write the questions, and I assume he was also sitting when he answered them. Unless he’s got one of those standing desks, in which case, I sat while he stood and answered the questions I provided him.

The interview delves into a little of the psychology of writing as well as history, war, and what projects he’s got for us in the future. Thomas is not just a writer, but a veteran of the first conflict in Iraq, and has a Bachelor’s in History. Well-rounded? Uh, maybe a little!


Q: Hey, Thomas. Thanks for joining me. Let’s start off with an…

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