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Reinheit… Coming soon

Good evening folks. Feels like its been forever since my last post. Been burning the midnight oil getting this book complete. And that day is rapidly approaching. Advanced copies are out. Book cover is complete. Now, as many of you may already know, comes the nerve grinding wait while polishing every last word to a perfect shine. And even the , everything will not be perfect. I’ll see every flaw like a nagging sore, but in the end, my only objective is to give my readers a damn good story.

Reinheit will release on October 13th. If you’re confused about the name, but worry. Its the same story as previously mentioned, The Armchair. The new name reflects the overall theme and story better.

So, come next Monday, I will make an announcement for your convince, as well as on Twitter. Reinheit will be available on Amazon Kindle. Thank you all for your patience while I have been working on this, my first, book!! And I hope you all enjoy.



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