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Dragon Age Inquisition: interviews and teasers

Okay, its been a few weeks since we last talked about Bioware’s upcoming addition to the Dragon Age universe: Inquisition. From just the small amount of clips and pictures and interviews, this new installment definitely looks like something worth getting excited about. During PAX Prime 2013, back in late August through early September, Adam Sessler interviewed Dragon Age: Inquisition’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, for a detailed look at the upcoming game. I’m sure by now you’ve already seen and watched and enjoyed a ton of video coverage; however, we’re talking about Inquisition, at this point, there is no such thing as “just another promotional video.” So, sit back and enjoy this detailed interview.


There you have it folks. Fall 2014 is still a far way off, but no doubt there will be more teasers to follow in the coming year. Hopefully, we’ll get a deeper look at character customization and this new addition with the “Keeps,” and followers, both old and new.

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