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Doctor Who Season 8…one year wait?

News just broke over at Screen Rant regarding the BBC release of the most anticipated new season of Doctor Who. Hope you weren’t expecting to find new episodes anytime soon, as, according to Steven Moffat, the shows forerunner: “Doctor Who may not be quite the force it was when it returned with Christopher Eccleston and in its David Tennant.” I’m not sure what’s going on over the pond, but here in the U.S., Who has never been as popular as it is today, especially following the announcement of a new reincarnation. Why not capitalize while the iron is still hot? Well, again according to an interview between Moffat and The Guardian: “[Doctor Who] will not return… until the autumn, giving [the show] plenty of time to recharge [its] batteries. And what better way to do that than with a new Doctor?”

Personally, i’m on the fence with Moffat’s obviously upsetting announcement. Hey dude, this is America, we hate waiting for our shows! But then again, maybe Moffat’s got a point. The jump from Tennant to Smith seemed discombobulated and rushed. It took half a season just for me just to get used to the new Doctor. While in time, I did grow to love Smith’s dapper style, perhaps giving some time with the new transition could make things better. While sure, we hate waiting, especially knowing there’s a new personalization to discover, but sometimes waiting can make the heart grow fonder. I know patience isn’t a word nerds like to hear, but it should be something we’re used to. Look how long we’ve had to wait for descent movie adaptations of our favorite comic book heroes. And some of us are still waiting!

A year long wait, while not ideal, will give more time for the writers to come up with some really good episodes. Numerically, twelve sounds like an important number and with the new Doctor being played by an older seasoned actor (Capaldi, 55), big things have to be in-store…have to be! And the wait will definitely be painful. But while i’ve enjoyed Smith’s youthful adventuresome “clever boy,” an older take on Who will seem more believable for those deeper introspective tales of time-travel.

So, until 2014, relish the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special airing on November 23, 2013 and the Smith concluding Christmas episode in December, its going to be a long wait.


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