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Weekend Box Office Report

As expected, from your’s truly, The Wolverine came out ahead at #1, closing Sunday with roughly $55 million domestically and $141 million worldwide. $55 mil isn’t such a terrible start. Only slightly below Origins opening weekend ($85 mil). But because Origins was unanimously viewed by the nerd community as a huge let down, those same fears not doubt have played in how some nerds being a little uncertain with this new Wolverine. Trust me, I had the same reservations. Origins could have been something amazing, but instead it was only mediocre at best. There were so many flaws, its hard to keep track. The biggest upset for me was the introduction of Deadpool…yikes! That character’s awesomeness deserved something with a little more respect than what Fox delivered. And because of the huge let down Deadpool became, a standalone  movie has been struggling ever since. It wasn’t all horrible. The beginning was actually very entertaining. I loved the whole timeline, showing Logan fighting in all the wars gave a sense of depth to his character missing in the original X-Men movies. But as the film progressed, the smile slowly turned sour. The same goes for Wade. His cameo was cool, but after the weapon-XI misfire… well… it made nerds not want to finish watching the movie.

So again, yeah, the nerd community has good reason to be hesitant. But let me put some of you’re fears at ease. The Wolverine is a movie worth seeing in theaters. Its not going to be perfect. There will be a lot of changes from the comics to the big screen. But in my most humble opinion, The Wolverine was substantially better than its predecessor. The pacing (which some folks didn’t care for) was good. I’ve heard a few nerds say that the beginning was slow and a few others say that it was the best part. I’m more in the middle. There is a story being told here and sometimes it takes the slower moments to express the changes in the character the story is about. Some reviewers have expressed a disdain for the campy comic book final sequence. To this….dude, its a movie based off a comic book character…the campy comic vibe is in its nature. Did it feel a little odd compared to the rest of the films design? Sure, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining or make sense. The comic book ending was cathartic, giving us nerds what we came to the theaters to see, Wolverine doing what he does best.

If you are still hesitant, check out our full review here.

If not, then get your butt to the theaters and spread the news. Hopefully as more nerds go out and see what they’ve been fearing, The Wolverine will have a better overall box office score. But as of right now, its still number one, despite hesitant fans. Take that Pacific Rim!!! Oh…too soon?


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