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Galileo Seven Touchs Down @ Space Center Houston

On the morning of July 31 @ 10:30am, for the first time ever, as a beloved 1967 original piece of Star Trek memorabilia, “Galileo Seven” will be unveiled at Space Center Houston after a year long restoration project. The Space Center Houston has stated that “the life-size spaceship will be on permanent display inside the Zero-G Diner and will be one of the few exhibitions in the world where visitors can see iconic sci-fi history that influenced generations of innovators.”

But that’s not all! There will be a full day of nerd induced activities with guest stars, such as: Don Marshall, aka Lt. Boma from the original 1967  ”Galileo Seven” episode, everyone’s favorite holographic doctor, Robert Picardo, from Star Trek: Voyager, the legendary Sylvester McCoy (the seventh Doctor from Doctor Who and Radagast from The Hobbit), Jason Carter from Babylon 5, voice actress Adrienne Wilkinson (Star War fans rejoice) from Stars Wars: The Force Unleashed,  Buck Rogers himself Gil Gerard, and others.

The Space Center has released the following schedule for the unveiling of Galileo Seven:

  • 10:30am – Public Unveiling featuring Star Trek Celebrities
  • 12:30pm – Celebrity Panel Discussing Science Fiction’s Influence on Space Exploration
  • 2:00pm – Guest Astronaut Presentation

There is little doubt of science fictions role in developing modern technology. Movies and television shows from the 50’s and continuing on into today have moved individuals to dream bigger dreams, to imagination strange new worlds, and to stretch the mind of man into the unknown. Without the imagination, knowledge is useless. My fellow Houstonians, if you’ve got the gumption, come check out this amazing, never before seen unveiling happening this Wednesday morning. To buy your ticket or for more info, check out Space Centers website here.

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